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Here's your BackStage Pass to Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber shot straight to fame with his first and most successful single Baby after being discovered by manager Scooter Braun and singer Usher. Teen girls everywhere screamed the house down for his album My World 2.0 and singles like Eenie Meanie and Somebody To Love. As Justin Bieber got older the album's, hit singles and screaming girls kept coming. He found huge success with the biopic film Never Say Never and singles like Boyfriend. Plus dating fellow singer Selena Gomez kinda helped! With too much fame comes too much trouble - Bieber and Selena Gomez split, he egged his neighbours house, and got arrested in 2014...and this was all before those infamous naked pics leaked! Justin Bieber has transformed his image over the past year and released new music to go with it. His fourth album Purpose produced hits What Do You Mean and Love Yourself proving now more than ever, it’s ok to be a Belieber.